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“Do you want a delightful dental experience? I know, you think I am crazy, but Dr. DeLorenzo and his staff are just that. Dr. DeLorenzo is warm, gentle, and precise, not to mention Good Lookin’, and the staff, well, they are like his extended family. They all have the same goal: making the visit as painless as possible. They are very warm yet very professional. Plus, you have got to check out the beautiful facility they now have: large, beautiful, and tastefully decorated. Well, going to the dentist is something we all need to do, so you might as well make the most of it by going to DeLorenzo Dentistry at 6 Sand Hill Road, Flemington, NJ. You’ll be glad you did.”
— Betty Jane B.

“Dr. DeLorenzo is not the typical dentist I am used to! During my initial visit, I was greeted by his staff with genuine friendly smiles and conversation. I was very aware of the severity of my dental issues, but my concerns were immediately put at ease as soon as Dr. DeLorenzo explained the action plan we needed to follow to resolve these issues, and WE DID!"

“I was petrified when I sat in the chair and saw the array of tools that were soon going to be used, but I can honestly say that the process was virtually painless due to state-of-the-art equipment and Dr. DeLorenzo’s gentle techniques!! I walked in to Dr. DeLorenzo’s office expecting the usual cordial treatment, but I am happy to say I enjoyed many WOW moments, exceeding my expectations."

“My search for a great dentist is over: You are a keeper! Thank you and your wonderful staff!”
— Mimi B.

“Dr. DeLorenzo has been our family’s dentist since 2003, and he and his staff do outstanding work. One of the best aspects of his care is that he engaged us in sharing our dental health goals with him, and he created individualized, long-term preventive dentistry plans for us. I believe these prevention plans have helped us to achieve superior long-term dental health and avoid developing problems. When I have been referred to an endodontist and a periodontist, both have told me what great dentistry I have had. The office staff is personable and easy to work with, and Dr. DeLorenzo has always been accessible to us, even on weekends in an emergency for care.

“Before going to Dr. DeLorenzo, we were never certain about the quality of our dental care. We are very certain, now that we are receiving the best of care in this very up-to-date and caring practice. We have referred several good friends to this practice.”
— Walt and Linda F.

“We had the very good fortune to find Dr. DeLorenzo well over ten years ago based on a friend’s recommendation. The dental care, service of staff, and Dr. DeLorenzo’s individual attention to our family’s oral health has made it easy to recommend his practice to our friends.”
— Bob & Mary Z.

“Dr. DeLorenzo has been our dentist for the last 11 years, and we have been delighted with the care we’ve received. Dr. DeLorenzo and his team make every effort to help us understand the procedures he’s recommending as well as what to expect during it. Dr. DeLorenzo keeps up with the latest developments in techniques and materials and is comfortable utilizing both in his practice. We believe that Dr. DeLorenzo’s approach offers us consistently outstanding dental care.”
— Gary B.

“After years of dental problems dealing with my bite and bridge, I commented to a friend about why I seemed to always have dental issues. Her answer was a strong suggestion to try her dentist. I made a call to Dr. David DeLorenzo and have never looked back! His professional training pinpointed my bite problems, and after extensive dental work, I am free of the nagging mouth pain I had for most of my adult life.

“Every office visit over that time was as if I was the only person on the schedule for the day. Dr. DeLorenzo took the time to patiently explain what was being done and his long-range goals for the outcome. He and his staff were always courteous and compassionate as he worked those magic fingers and hands. No dentist had ever fine-tuned my bite before, to be sure I was biting in the proper position. He called on several occasions in the evening after my appointments to make sure my mouth pain had subsided.

“I have recommended Dr. DeLorenzo to two other families who have been pleased with the family dental care he and his staff have provided. He and his staff are truly committed to excellence and have made me feel like one of the family.”
— Judy E.

“I was very pleased with the service and level of detail which is put into every treatment plan I have needed. I recently needed a crown. My original dentist wanted to do a bridge and crown on two teeth. After consulting with Dr. DeLorenzo’s office for my second opinion it was determined that I only needed one crown. I was treated with the utmost care and courtesy. The level of detail put into each visit is above and beyond. Thank you for your great service.”
— Dianna F.

“For almost ten years I’ve been a patient of Dr. DeLorenzo and I can attest to the excellent quality of care that he and his staff provide to his patients. I came to him after many years of quick fixes on many dental issues. I was looking for a dentist who was concerned not only about the immediate alleviation of my teeth problems but also one who considered the best plan for my future dental health. Also, honestly, I wanted a dentist who is somewhat of a perfectionist as far as the cosmetics of my teeth.

“I definitely found everything I asked for in Dr. D and more. He and his assistants were always concerned that I was comfortable and at ease. Consequently, I never had a bit of pain with any procedure. As if that were not enough, he and his staff made every visit such a pleasure with their professionalism, caring, hospitality, and great sense of humor. I felt as if I was visiting friends. Believe it or not, I really looked forward to coming into the office! I have to say that I have never been as satisfied or impressed with the care and service provided by any other health care professionals. Dr. DeLorenzo and his staff are the very best!”
— Eileen S.

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